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by Lydia

November 13, 2020

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Marketing (to reach potential brides)
Corresponding (usually via email, text, or phone)
Website Design
Engagement Session
Editing Engagement Session
Social Media Publishing of Engagement Session
Wedding Day Preparation
Wedding Day Shooting
Wedding Image Editing
Social Media Publishing of Wedding
Gallery Styling and Delivery
Album Design and Layout
Album Revisions
USB Design and Layout
Final Correspondance

                                                        TOTAL HOURS

2 Hours
2 Hours
1 Hour
1 Hour
1 Hour
3 Hours
2 Hours
4 Hours
1 Hour
2 Hours
10 Hours
20 Hours
1 Hour
3 Hours
4 Hours
2 Hours
1 Hour
1 Hour

61 HOURS     

Business Costs

Adobe Creative Suite (For editing and publishing)
Web Form Plug-In/Web Payments
Website Hosting
Gallery Hosting
Microsoft Subscription
Album and Print Costs
Business/Gear Insurance and Liability

                                                   TOTAL MONTHLY



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